Architectural & Engineering Group

A.E.G is dedicated to provide high quality of architectural and engineering services and it has a main strategy and goal to provide creative ideas, and to find solutions in this area tormented by wars and tormented by uncontrolled planning and construction, where our environment is spoiled.

Main Partners of A.E.G, had earned their experience in the field of architectural and management construction. 
In architecture, main partner has his proper reputation for design excellence, creative solutions, especially in critical cases, cultural sensitivity, careful, attention to details, and his competence in conservation, preservation of old cities and restoration of old buildings.

His experience as lecturer at An- Najah National University, Birzeit University since 1982 till 1998, contributed to achieve a high level standard of design quality based on combination of practice and academy, which will contribute and push A.E.G to be scientifically up to date in permanence.

In management, main partner has his proper reputation and experience in the field of management of Private, Public, and Religious Institutions, His experience in Construction Management is dated since December 1983, especially in Bethlehem University and Religious Historical Buildings which contributed strongly to develop his scientific and practice experience and Back ground.


The new firm is now fully equipped design to rise up to the challenge of the new area in the fields of Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Structural design, and Project Management. 
A number of joint venture alliances with other firms of various specialties within Palestine and abroad, has also been developed in order to cope with the diverse requirements of the various projects which are undertaken.

A.E.G is a fully computerized operational practice, using most advanced and specialized computer software and hardware available. It is completely equipped with a plotter, Printers… etc. and other equipments necessary to the firm.

The Rebuilding of Palestine is on going, we target within our domain to create modern architecture with a new vocabulary attached to our history, culture and tradition, and at the time, reflects the 21th century which is the Hi Technology.