Architectural & Engineering Group

A.E.G is an architectural & engineering consultation firm located in Bethlehem, Palestine, it is a merge between two Consultant firms working in the field of Architecture and Construction Management.

Construction Management Group : CMG


Atelier d’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui : AAA


Construction management group is established since 1982 in the field of Construction Management
Atelier d’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui is established since 1982 in the field of Architecture


The two firms worked together in permanence since their establishment and decided to merge together for the professional benefit and formed on January 2005 a new Consultant firm in the field of Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering and planning, the firm is named as:




Engineer: Nejib Khalil Nasser: General Manager
Architect / Urban Designer: Elias Anton Dieck _ Technical Manager


The main goal of this merge is to provide better professional services and to respond to the high demand and requirements of public and private institutions, according to high international standards.

A.E.G established a joint venture alliance with a high experienced firm in electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Beit Sahour Engineer firm). This firm worked jointly with the two main partners of A.E.G in most of their projects since 1990.